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Entry #1

Hey Team

2013-02-20 16:00:49 by doctorrapture

Hey NG

I been a fan since back in the Pico/Teletubby days. You guys have entertained me for years and years. Problem was, I never had anything to contribute until now.

I work as an entertainer in Chicago and I have added voice acting to my career. My demos are Here if you'd care to check them out. I have also uploaded the character demo on NG.

I figure I'd work for free on here for a bit as a way to say thank you to NG for the years of laughs and art and games I've enjoyed. Been great to watch you guys grow.

-doctorrapture (Joe)


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2013-02-20 16:43:18

You should check on the forums for collaborations and shit

doctorrapture responds:

Thanks man - will do!


2013-05-01 17:30:31

An "entertainer" eh? Wink wink.
Also, I've started organizing a Newgrounds Meet-up in Chicago. You'd be more than welcome to tag along!

doctorrapture responds:

Long as I'm not booked I'd love to. Sounds fun